Talent Optimization

70% of companies do not have a Talent Strategy

Whether you’re growing, refining or redesigning your company you will need highly productive employees who are aligned with your strategic goals.

Without a workforce that is engaged and performing at its best it will be difficult to scale, get unstuck or meet your business objectives. Using a Talent Optimization strategy allows you to design and develop your people for maximum results.

The essence of leadership is aligning your people and that begins with taking an intentional and data driven approach to getting the people part right. Talent Optimization is a way to push everyone to the top of their game.

So how do you assemble world class teams? That is where having an objective methodology and system for optimizing talent comes in.

It Starts with The Employee Experience Survey

The PI Employee Experience Survey delivers personalized action plans. What good are engagement surveys if you don’t know how to act on them? PI tells you exactly what to do; it’s like turn-by-turn directions for boosting engagement.

The PI Employee Experience Survey also provides you with company-wide and team level reporting. Every manager with five or more employees gets their own team report. This isolates problems that aren’t widespread—but should be fixed.

With 100’s of hours of organizational practice and implementation Hire Ryte is certified in Talent Optimization.

Are your employees checked out?

With the PI diagnose solution you can build a powerful framework for solving engagement problems. The challenge until now is it was impossible to identify the causes and use relevant data to make changes. Our researchers have identified 4 forces that destroy engagement. a mismatch between the employee and their Job, a mismatch between the employee and their Manager, a mismatch between the employee and the People on their team, a mismatch between the employee and the Organization. Your company might be fighting against one of these forces—or all four. In any case, you have employees who do the bare minimum to avoid getting fired. The PI Employee Experience Survey measures employee engagement across the four categories—and delivers a custom action plan so you can fix what’s broken.