We Talked to Business Leaders & Here is What we Found

What are your biggest business challenges?

Finding the right talent
Building better operational processes
Aligning my employees with our strategy
Getting the most out of my people
Creating a great work environment

80 percent of the challenges business leaders face all map back to people strategy and talent management. Their #1 issue is finding the right talent.

Where do you feel you could use help with your talent strategy?

Leadership Development
Employee performance
Pre-hire selection
Employee Engagement

Business leaders feel they need help when it comes to talent strategy. Their top three are employee performance, pre-hire selection and leadership development.

What keeps business leaders up at night?

Employee performance
Hiring the right people
Employee Productivity
Competitive Pressures
Customer Satisfaction

Here are the top three issues that CEO’s say keeps them up at night: employee performance, hiring the right people and employee productivity.

What PI Customers are saying